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It would be the ACA or the short term aid with the fixed benefit and then add-on you know the CI and the accident if that is of a thought process then I would encourage you to really kind of look no further than America’s because I don’t want to portray that America’s everything to everyone

No one company is perfect at everything but the area where Meredith really shines through is in the economic value that they deliver to your client because there’s really only two things Dental Helps that come into play when you’re talking about the best economic value that’s the xin the product here’s another tidbit that you don’t typically hear you wouldn’t hear.

Dental Insurance
Dental Insurance

If you just if you weren’t on this webinar frankly if you looked at the dental products that are available in the marketplace we have the highest loss ratio that’s filed so thus no reason back more dollars to your client than us so if you factored in rates and benefits no one’s got a more competitive plan at us but that alone is not a complete fact because it doesn’t take into account the network with the network.

We’ve got a % utilization rate with the percent average discount at least amongst our plus in shirts for those of you that are more on the inner sixty-five side the that utilization rate actually is higher it’s about percent if memory serves correctly and so what does that tell you it what it tells you is when you factor in our network in conjunction with the very competitive product.

Dental Insurance
Dental Insurance

I firmly believe there’s nobody else is going to give dollar for dollar a better dollar your client than us let me kind of use these sample procedures as they give you an example so if you looked at something like an exam or even a cleaning doesn’t matter here’s the UCR rate sixty dollars we get a very good network discount of but frankly who cares.

we covered at % so there’s % out-of-pocket cost of the clients what are the savings % whether that stay won or down the road let’s look at something a little more interesting let’s look at together a crown the crown you see our cost.

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We actually humana dental want to make sure we selectively humana dental etch the enamel so there’s some adhesives now some bonding agents now that say that you don’t even have to etch so now we careful .


With that a self-etch bonding agents because do not mean that they can bond directly to enamel even though some claim that they can bond directly to uncut enamel that is not the case you always always always edge enamel before you bond if.

You don’t edge the enamel you’re going to have micro leakage and that restoration is going to fail sooner or later the next step is actually our next cause is over drying the tooth so .

What happens when we over dry the dentin so we’re having those tubules or dental tubules are are being desiccated and what’s happening is that hydrostatic pressure is actually going to go all the way to the pool and it’s gonna create some changes.

Where this is gonna cause some pain so you saw some of the pictures that I showed you right now and they look very dry so what do you do then how do you compensate for that well it turns out that the over-drying isn’t really when

The filling is completely dry it’s actually when we go to restore it and we’re restoring over dry dentin so if the dentin is completely dry and we just put a bond and then we like hurry right away that’s gonna give us problem that’s what’s gonna cause ,

whay dental help is so costly in usa?

The dental help diagnostic pictures you take don’t do the panel on the same day you’re doing the and we say yeah we do for bite wings and three pas that’s what that’s what we say and some insurance companies .

dental help
dental help

When you submit it they will convert that over to an FM X yeah but some of them will pay out before whitening is in three pas and then you’ll be able to submit the piano just even on the next day or on another visit so sherry that’s

Good what we talked about at JP partners but of course we needed up to our clients to do their due diligence around what their insurance plans are but what what do you say well I say the first thing you have to do is find out and the

First thing you have to do is check the patient’s eligibility and checking eligibility is not hey this person has this plan and yes they’re active it really is you have to check

The codes and so sometimes you can get that information online from the insurance company and sometimes you have to call and get the details but if you you like in your practice you like to have these x-rays taken then you need to find out how and

When they’re covered so that you can talk to the patient so we’ll go back to I can’t just write it off you can’t just write ff x-rays either so if you need an x-ray then this is where you have to build this relationship with the patient and say I need to

Take this x-ray it’s going to cost you this much money because it’s you your x-ray is not covered or you can send me the x-rays that you had at other doctor’s office if and if they’re readable and diagnoseable then we’ll try to use those but

What you have to do is have the information so you can make the decision because a we already said you can’t just write it off B you have to inform the

what is dental insure for

I  represented a lady dental insure who received thirty  thousand dollar settlement for shoulder pain and other injuries it was .

dental insure
dental insure

A  rear-end accident in Orlando Florida her shoulder pain was not her biggest injury she had a  meniscus tear that she had surgery on USA who we’ve dealt .

With planning who’s actually an above average and sure they  paid , to settle the case I also represented a scooter rider who received fifty two thousand dollars for shoulder pain again shoulder was not his  shoulder pain was not the biggest injury .

His eye injury was the biggest injury a man driving a pickup truck hit him while he was on his scooter he also had lower  back pain neck pain knee pain as you can see with the hyperlinks here I have links to all these articles that I wrote it about.

All the other injuries the crash happened in North Miami Beach and  as you can see from the two accidents we represent people throughout the state and I say that in part because in certain parts of this state adjusters and juries generally speaking award different amounts for your pain and  suffering .

Component of the shoulder claim that’s another factor again my article that talks about factors affecting affecting personal injury cases addresses that Crawford and company who’s one of the largest third-party administrators handled the  claim that claim .

A third party administrators is is an administrator for a company that is self-insured that pays out of their pocket and broad spire is the tea paid division in that case as you may have gleaned I represented the scooter rider another case.

Renaissance Dental Insurance Guide : Buy Chipest Insurance

Do you have any idea what percentage is more cosmetic or restorative then well restore juice is everything right well when you come Renaissance Dental Insurance .

Renaissance Dental Insurance
Renaissance Dental Insurance

I put a composite which is white filling where I put that puzzle piece it’s also restorative if I put brown I would consider is also restorative because i restored UT the cosmetic is when somebody comes and said you know.

I want my teeth but each one ball tags may need Botox is probably and a half percent i would say well patients and we have me into yeah we’re going to talk about that would note we continue.

who were talking with upper naan Myers on she has a practice called premier dentistry at Bordeaux to Pauli pike the Winchester and Vega Dennis that means that she’s dealing with your smile we’ll talk about that lady you hi guys I’m Kyle .

I’m mom one of the fourth years for those who don’t know me and I’m gonna be talking about dental emergencies today so it’s so dental emergencies of course we’re not dentists but people are gonna come to the ed you know just about anything and even though Jacobi we’re lucky enough to have a have a dental clinic that.

We can send people to you know what do we do what do we do if it’s a.m. on Friday night and dental clinics not gonna be open to be called dental and do we not so so today I had a big priest when I initially put this presentation together it was like over half an hour long so.

I had to breathtakingly cut a lot of things out so it turned into more dental on more of dental trauma ok so we’re gonna talk about some some of the dental Anatomy dental fractures and dental convulsion so chip teeth and teeth that fall out and Die we’re mostly concerned about you know .

What is the management of this you know of course we’re not dentists the the the sort of definitive management for any dental thing is going to be gonna be seen seen dental but you know what needs antibiotics what doesn’t you know you know what is there anything.

Ameritas Dental Plans :- Tips And low cost plans For Ameritas Plans

Ameritas Dental Plans :- Tips And low cost plans For Ameritas Plans

Ameritas Dental practice and the dentist’s personal preference the Ameritas Dental needs to be familiar with the correct setups for his or her dental office during the dental procedure the dental assistant should remain conscious of infection


Ameritas Dental Control procedures and keeping the treatment room clean and surfaces disinfected sharp instruments should be handled carefully as they Ameritas Dental cut gloves or hands needles should never be recapped using two hands needles.

Must always be recapped using a special recapping device or with the one-handed scoop method they should be discarded as soon as possible into a sharps container touching equipment drawer handles or switches that are not

Protected by a plastic barrier should be avoided the dental assistant should also try to avoid entering cabinets or drawers wearing contaminated gloves if it is necessary to enter a cabinet or drawer the assistant should create a

Barrier using clean gloves or aluminum foil if no barriers are available the contaminated gloves are to be removed and hands washed before entering the area when done in the drawer the assistant must wash hands and reg love.

Dental practices should utilize Bergen Omicron suppose in the arrangement of work areas and equipment selected in their dental office ergonomic principles are an important asset to the dental team using organ Omicron suppose helps reduce stress.

Affordable dental plans for individuals

Affordable dental plans for individuals

to I  don’t actually know the definition to just be other people say oh it’s so important I’m sure so here you’ve  Affordable dental plans for individuals been you’ve been great.

is there any other points that you want to discuss as far as you know common mistakes that dentists make in this in.

the world that you’re in that as you know as an easily #wikipedia remedied mistake I think some common mistakes or maybe.

common misconceptions are that demo the insurance companies won’t negotiate that’s always the first thing true they’ve been.

they’ve been trained to have that response over the years we’ve definitely proven them wrong so we feel that the dentist.

should be empowered to understand that they are important to the practices or should be important to the insurance companies.

they’re not just a number and we do represent them in that respect another common mistake is not updating you.

see our regularly that is very important it doesn’t take a lot of time it doesn’t take a lot of money to do it correctly but it’s something.

that dentists often overlook so I think that’s something that is important and they shouldn’t make those mistakes because.

that definitely is costly over a period of time and also the other aspect we talked about earlier about credentialing understand.

that if you’re in an acquisition phase you’re transitioning to buy a new practice don’t make any assumptions as far as the time.

frame when it comes to credentialing Affordable dental plans for individuals always  plan ahead we often speak to people that that that put credentialing