whay dental help is so costly in usa?

The dental help diagnostic pictures you take don’t do the panel on the same day you’re doing the and we say yeah we do for bite wings and three pas that’s what that’s what we say and some insurance companies .

dental help
dental help

When you submit it they will convert that over to an FM X yeah but some of them will pay out before whitening is in three pas and then you’ll be able to submit the piano just even on the next day or on another visit so sherry that’s

Good what we talked about at JP partners but of course we needed up to our clients to do their due diligence around what their insurance plans are but what what do you say well I say the first thing you have to do is find out and the

First thing you have to do is check the patient’s eligibility and checking eligibility is not hey this person has this plan and yes they’re active it really is you have to check

The codes and so sometimes you can get that information online from the insurance company and sometimes you have to call and get the details but if you you like in your practice you like to have these x-rays taken then you need to find out how and

When they’re covered so that you can talk to the patient so we’ll go back to I can’t just write it off you can’t just write ff x-rays either so if you need an x-ray then this is where you have to build this relationship with the patient and say I need to

Take this x-ray it’s going to cost you this much money because it’s you your x-ray is not covered or you can send me the x-rays that you had at other doctor’s office if and if they’re readable and diagnoseable then we’ll try to use those but

What you have to do is have the information so you can make the decision because a we already said you can’t just write it off B you have to inform the