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Do you have any idea what percentage is more cosmetic or restorative then well restore juice is everything right well when you come Renaissance Dental Insurance .

Renaissance Dental Insurance
Renaissance Dental Insurance

I put a composite which is white filling where I put that puzzle piece it’s also restorative if I put brown I would consider is also restorative because i restored UT the cosmetic is when somebody comes and said you know.

I want my teeth but each one ball tags may need Botox is probably and a half percent i would say well patients and we have me into yeah we’re going to talk about that would note we continue.

who were talking with upper naan Myers on she has a practice called premier dentistry at Bordeaux to Pauli pike the Winchester and Vega Dennis that means that she’s dealing with your smile we’ll talk about that lady you hi guys I’m Kyle .

I’m mom one of the fourth years for those who don’t know me and I’m gonna be talking about dental emergencies today so it’s so dental emergencies of course we’re not dentists but people are gonna come to the ed you know just about anything and even though Jacobi we’re lucky enough to have a have a dental clinic that.

We can send people to you know what do we do what do we do if it’s a.m. on Friday night and dental clinics not gonna be open to be called dental and do we not so so today I had a big priest when I initially put this presentation together it was like over half an hour long so.

I had to breathtakingly cut a lot of things out so it turned into more dental on more of dental trauma ok so we’re gonna talk about some some of the dental Anatomy dental fractures and dental convulsion so chip teeth and teeth that fall out and Die we’re mostly concerned about you know .

What is the management of this you know of course we’re not dentists the the the sort of definitive management for any dental thing is going to be gonna be seen seen dental but you know what needs antibiotics what doesn’t you know you know what is there anything.