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We actually¬†humana dental want to make sure we selectively humana dental¬†etch the enamel so there’s some adhesives now some bonding agents now that say that you don’t even have to etch so now we careful .


With that a self-etch bonding agents because do not mean that they can bond directly to enamel even though some claim that they can bond directly to uncut enamel that is not the case you always always always edge enamel before you bond if.

You don’t edge the enamel you’re going to have micro leakage and that restoration is going to fail sooner or later the next step is actually our next cause is over drying the tooth so .

What happens when we over dry the dentin so we’re having those tubules or dental tubules are are being desiccated and what’s happening is that hydrostatic pressure is actually going to go all the way to the pool and it’s gonna create some changes.

Where this is gonna cause some pain so you saw some of the pictures that I showed you right now and they look very dry so what do you do then how do you compensate for that well it turns out that the over-drying isn’t really when

The filling is completely dry it’s actually when we go to restore it and we’re restoring over dry dentin so if the dentin is completely dry and we just put a bond and then we like hurry right away that’s gonna give us problem that’s what’s gonna cause ,